Digital Strategy

Synergy Digital eCommerce strategy consultants provide in-depth evaluations of your online business. The goal is to develop insights to suggest effective and actionable solutions.

Our team keep pace with the latest web design trends and technology innovations, so that we can help expand your business, engage customers, improve brand recognition and ultimately drive higher site conversions.

User Experience & Web Design

Synergy Digital designers understand website user needs and will shape attractive user interfaces and website collateral to give form to your individual business objectives. Our entire design process starts with developing in-depth understandings of the website user, and then follows a set process to construct attractive and engaging UI that funnels the buyer towards conversion, community referral and retention. Our expert team understand the importance of designing in-line with established User Experience Design best practices standards.

Website Development

Synergy Digital’s team of expert Magento developers are adept with both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise eCommerce systems. Furthermore, they are highly capable with both Magento 1 and Magento 2 system version development. Early involvement of our developers with any project or task request sees their input and advise integrated into the most effective means of developing our client’s solutions. This integration of Strategy, Design and Development teams enables a high degree of internal synergy leading to innovation, project efficiencies and code integrity.

Maintenance & Support

To best support the success of your online business, Synergy Digital offers various support & maintenance bundles to fit your needs.

Overseeing your work will be a dedicated digital producer who is qualified in project management and experienced with enterprise level projects.

Access to Synergy Digital’s ongoing services is through purchase of a Support & Maintenance Bundle or Plan. Depending on the bundle/Plan you choose, we provide tiered discounts based on the volume of hours purchased in advance.

For all new clients, we offer a free first Digital Strategy Review. This review will allow us to achieve greater insights into how we can work most effectively towards achieving your online business objectives.

Online Marketing

Our approach to online marketing is with a keen focus on the Omni-Channel approach. Synergy Digital’s approach to user experience unifies the entire shopping experience across all channels, including online, bricks and mortar and telephone.

To implement a true omni-channel solution requires a deep understanding of online marketing, offline marketing and the business systems capable of supporting the omni-channel solution.

Our expert digital strategists architect effective online marketing solutions that unite shoppers across various sales channels.

System Integration

In the current online environment, most online retailers require integration between their back office systems, 3rd party platforms and their eCommerce website.

Synergy Digital provides a highly structured approach to system integration. For complex system integrations e.g. Magento to ERP systems, we first dedicate ourselves to mapping out the integration requirements, we then present the ideal integration implementation architecture. This may include custom integration, use of an established integration middleware or use of an existing integration connection product. Our objective is to provide a solution with the highest level of integrity and also the highest cost benefit for our clients.

Our expert team are experienced with Magento integrations into some of the leading ERP and POS systems.

Some Reasons To Work With Us


We seek to realise vision through clarity, continually developing awareness and exploring the composition of our client’s business and objectives. Big ideas come from seeing the bigger picture.


The digital technology field is fast moving and rich with opportunity to be creative and original. Creative solutions drive conversions. To realise our client’s potential, we enable and encourage our team to execute their creative vision.


We share our vision with our clients, pro-actively detailing any perceived opportunity to increase revenue or reduce costs and downtime.  Our Account Managers provide valuable input geared toward ensuring our clients ongoing business success.


At Synergy Digital we understand that for any one problem there are typically numerous solutions. We effectively explore options, evaluating solutions against criteria that assess integrity and cost effectiveness.

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