Things That Make Magento Great!

Open Source

Magento is open source, which allows us to easily modify the platform to suite your needs.

Feature Rich

Magento comes with a range of features that will ensure your needs are met.


Magento provides multi-store compatibility to ensure all your businesses are run from the same platform.

Large Community

Magento has a large and active community, with various extensions and plugins to extend and improve on Magento's already robust features.


Whether you are starting off small or growing large, Magento is able to handle anything!


Magento is one of the largest e-commerce platforms, with various API's, it allows any third party service or application to integrate seamlessly.

Fast to Market

With such an active community, Magento has a plethora of themes and templates available for those that require an online store in a hurry.

Engage Customers

Engage with your customers more with personalised content and an adaptive user experience.


Magento provides Varnish cache, together with client-side and server optimizations, we can reduce response times, server loads and provide and overall more robust system.

User Experience

Through advanced search, customer accounts, an optimised checkout and many more features, Magento delivers in a unique user experience.

Business Productivity

Magento provides and easy-to-use admin, a visual merchandiser and many more features to ensure business productivity is always high.


Magento provides full catalog, order, customer, payment and shipping management that ensures you business is always setup and managed correctly.

Why Are We Your Magento Experts?

Certified Developers

Our development team consists of only the highest calibre of talented certified Magento developers. Ensuring your site is produced with quality and of the highest standard.

Whether we are supporting your existing Magento store or building a new one, our experience ensures the best quality for both Magento 1 & 2 Community and Enterprise editions.

Integration Experts

We have integrated into a multitude of systems such as ERPs, POSs, CRMs and more; this allows for your various systems to work in unison and harmony. We have also integrated into data feeds such as eBay, Google Shopping, GetPrice and more, to help grow your reach and customer base. No matter the integration, Synergy Digital has the experience and knowledge to integrate your systems with Magento.

Digital Strategy

Our team of strategists are across your portfolio from the onset and throughout your time at Synergy. Our strategists boast decades of experience in not only digital but in various industries that ensures you get the best insight into growing trends, initiatives and new technologies. We enjoy 'thinking outside the box' which ensures you stand out from the competition and puts you ahead.

Custom Development

No platform is ever just enough for your online store; here at Synergy we can custom development any requirement you need into the Magento platform. Whether it is custom functionality or modifying a feature, we will architect, design and develop a solution that we guarantee you will be happy with. We do not believe in the term 'it is not possible'; at Synergy, anything is possible.

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