Digital strategy is the strategic mapping of your online initiatives over a certain period that ties into business objectives, typically represented in a form of a high level roadmap and accompanying documentation that outlines each initiative. A digital strategy encompasses all things digital including; Branding, user experience, content, website, social media, email marketing, SEO, SEM and more. The purpose of digital strategy is to identify business goals and roadmap a way to achieve those goals through the digital medium.

A digital strategy can be developed in multiple ways; however all should encompass the following:


Before we begin to strategise, we need to understand your industry, your business, your competitors and the whole landscape.


Once we know the landscape of the industry, we need to understand your various business objectives and the goals you want to accomplish from your digital channel.


We need to then analyse your users, their typical journeys through your business, both online and offline. We need to understand your content and marketing strategies so that we may brainstorm ideas through acquired data, market analysis, competitor analysis, customer feedback and through shear ingenuity to produce concepts that put you ahead of the market.

Solution Architecture

Once all the research is complete, goals established and the ideas conceived, solutions will need to be architected and incorporated into a digital roadmap over the course of a certain time period i.e. 6 months or 12 months. The roadmap should synchronise with the organisations business plan.


A solid strategy should always include execution and quantification of each initiative to ensure that the digital strategy is reviewed, performing as expected and meeting the goals set out.

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